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What's New?
Up-to-date changes within HOA laws and requirements and what you need to be thinking about if you're a Board Member or Property Manager.

Revise your CC&Rs and Guidelines to Conform to the Law

We can write your Solar Panel Guidelines to conform to the Law

AB 1892 (Civil Code 714) may make your CC&Rs and Guidelines for Solar Energy Systems void and unenforceable. Take control now by writing Guidelines which allow lawful criteria to avoid lawsuits from poorly written CC&Rs.

Contact us to write solar guidelines in compliance with your CC&Rs and the Law.

Escrows increase the liability to the HOA Board for not acting

California Civil Code 1368 (a)(5) requires that during escrow a notice must be sent to the purchaser of any violations to the CC&Rs or Guidelines. Your inaction can result in liability to the purchaser for actual damages and fines up to $500 each occurrence. Contact us to provide escrow reviews to verify the property compliance with your CC&Rs.

Contact us to review the compliance with your CC&Rs to avoid liability to your HOA.


Keep Foreclosures from Reducing your Property Values

SB 1137 Requires the owners of vacant properties (usually bank owner foreclosures) to maintain the property of face fines up to $1000 per day.

Contact us to work with the Bank to clean up or complete the construction of a foreclosure problem in your HOA

Wind Mills? Not Just on the Farm any more.

Palo Verdes, California wind mill causes great concerns. How would a Wind Power look in the backyard of your neighbor? California AB 1207 allows wind mills on properties over 1 acre in size.

Contact us to write Wind Mill Guidelines to conform to Your CC&Rs and the State Laws.